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Crosiadore Farm is a U.S. based breeding and training facility, striving to produce talented equine athletes for professionals and dedicated amateurs.
— Nancy Holowesko

Crosiadore Farm was founded in 2003 with the purchase of two broodmares; Roselea a 1999 Rubinstein/Argentinus filly imported from Germany as a yearling, and SPS Eclipse, a 2007 Espri/Lemon xx/Trapper mare imported from the 2003 Hanoverian Elite Foal and Broodmare Auction. These mares started our breeding program, and have continued to shape our success 15 years later.

Along the way, top quality fillies from strong Oldenburg dam lines, were purchased to add depth to the broodmare band. In 2007, the GOV offered their first Mare Performance Test in the US. We presented  two mares for this testing. Three year old Florenzio ( Florencio/Lady's King) from the Fackila dam line, and three year old Aussprache ( Licotus/Quo Vadis) participated. Both mares earned Special Premium Status. Florenzio earned the highest MPT score, so became Champion Mare for the GOV in North America.

In 2009, we presented Fiderline ( Fidertanz/Harvard/Grundstein II) for Mare performance testing. Fiderline was purchased from the Elite Foal Auction in Vechta 2006, and is from the first foal crop of the stallion Fidertanz. Fiderline completed a succssful MPT, scoring an overall 8.12. This score placed Fiderline as the top scoring GOV mare in the North America.

In 2010 we presented Biscaya for her MPT.  Biscaya ( Johnson/Argentinus) was also purchased from the Elite Foal Auction in Vechta. Biscaya with a final score of 8.14 earned the title of the Top Scoring Mare with the GOV. Biscaya was also successful in the US Young Horse program. Biscaya was sold to a competition home.

In 2011 we presented Marmara for her MPT. Marmara was also purchased from the Elite Foal Auction in Vechta. Marmara ( Licotus/Landadel) scored an 8.14 to be awarded Top Scoring GOV Mare in North America 2010.

In 2012, we presented our home bred mare Solar Eclipse for her MPT in Vechta, Germany. Solar Eclipse, a daughter of our  foundation broodmare Eclipse, was born in the US, and exported to Germany as a two year old. Solar Eclipse made a solid MPT, scoring a final 8.20. This score placed made her the  fifth highest scoring mare of all mare's tested in Vechta, 2011. Solar Eclipse was awarded Haupt Premium, and  invited to the mare show at Rastede. 

In 2013, we presented out homebred mare Quintessa CF for the GOV MPT.  "Luna" was Champion mare under saddle at her MPT and tied for overall Mare Champion in 2013 at the GOV MPT at Rolling Stone Farm. Highlights were a "9" for trot, "8.5" for Canter and ride ability. Luna's dam Lowara was imported from the Elite Foal Auction in Hannover in 2003. 

Our focus has always been on the quality of our mare band, and this will be our focus going into the future. I invite to you read more about our other Mare's,  and keeper fillies on their individual pages.




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To breed sound, beautiful and sane Dressage horses that amateurs can enjoy and professionals compete at the top levels of sport.



Crosiadore Farm has a select and dedicated team of individuals, permitting the farm to maintain a high standard of care for horses and property. I am a firm believer in order and structure, especially when horses are involved, and this team delivers. We are fortunate to have talented and devoted trainers to develop our young horses once they are of age. Please meet the staff behind Croisadore Farm.  







Crosiadore Farm is an 84 acre sport horse breeding facility located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We specialize in the breeding, and development of Dressage horses. 2018 will make our 15th year of operation.We have spent those 15 years developing and strengthening our broodmare band, and showing and developing our young /not so young horses under saddle. In 2017 we were honored to place fourth in the U.S. Dressage Federation breeding rankings. The horses we have bred are currently contesting every level of competition in the United States, from the Four Year Old Class to Grand Prix.  We are small breeders, breeding anywhere between 3-7 foals a year, and always have a selection of foals, young horses, and horses under saddle available for Sale.